Tools for Meditation

During this session we will explore and practice ways to help us connect to our inner selves and the present moment, using techniques from both mindfulness and yoga meditation. We will also incorporate some gentle mindful yoga and pranayama to aid us in settling the mind and body.

We will practice two guided meditations together which will focus on strengthening the golden thread to present moment awareness and cultivating inner love and compassion for ourselves and others.

There will also be an opportunity to have an informal group chat about our experience of the meditations and ask any questions.

This session is led by Amina Drury.

Yoga for Men

A class designed by men for men: physically challenging to build strength, increase flexibility, improving confidence in our body and mind and incorporating practical mindfulness.

Men typically suffer in the hips, hamstrings, shoulders and lower backs. Men believe they have to be fit and flexible to do yoga so never start. That’s like saying ‘I’m too dirty to take a bath.’ Does this sound like you? Come and give yoga a go in this session with Mark Davies, whether it’s your first or hundredth time, you’ll find a welcoming space and an experience teacher to lead you through a well-spent 45 minute class.

This session is planned and delivered by Mark Davies.

Mandalas & Yantra in Yoga

Come and discover about the delightful experience of drawing and painting Yantras.

A Yantra is a particularly powerful form of mandala, used as a tool for concentration, meditation, and relaxation. In this short talk with artist and yoga teacher, Helena Turner, you will be introduced to the yogic practice of Yantra and Mantra – their use and the practice of creating a Yantra is a ritual which allows us time for deep self-reflection and healing, as well as tapping into our creative spirit.

This session is designed and led by Helena Turner.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga OPEN TO AL; all ages, all trimesters and all people new to yoga. Come to move at a slow meditative pace, and learn to tune within embracing the soft stillness of Sunday morning as we ease into the fun filled day ahead….

Lydia’s style has a balance of fluidity and strength, drawing upon inspiration from her Vinyasa background and her recent Pregnancy yoga teacher training with Apple Yoga.

This is a practice open to all levels, new yogis and all trimesters.

This session is planned and led by Lydia Ainscough.

Shakti Flow

This is going to be a fun, energising and vibrant session open to all levels.

We’ll be experimenting and playfully engaging with the flow of Shakti as a raw life force energy, which we can invite to move through us by practicing a combination of structured asana, free movement, breath and meditation.

Expect a flowing and dynamic sequence which will enliven the body and spirit, some pranayama to cultivate a deepening of relationship with the breath (our guardian to presence) and a generous amount of time towards the end of the session for restorative rejuvenation through guided rest. It is in this resting space where the shakti medicine and all that we’ve cultivated through the session, can sink deep into muscle and bone.

This session is planned and led by Esther Knowles.

Yoga for Stress Management

This will be a practical session providing tools to manage stress and anxiety. When we are stressed we often feel like we don’t have much time, so the practices we will learn in this session are quick, simple and effective techniques for switching on the ‘Relaxation Response’.

There will be postures which help with our digestive system (one of the first things to suffer when we are stressed) and postures to relieve knots of mental and physical tension. We will look at breathing techniques for calming and balancing. There will be time for Yoga Nidra (Deep relaxation).

Hannah will provide handouts (illustrated with Sloth bears to remind us to sloowww down!) to help you practice at home. This session is open to all, from complete beginners to Yoga teachers and student teachers who want to develop their skills in helping people with their mental health.

This session is planned and led by Hannah Penn. 

The Poetry of Yoga

“Poetry is the language of your innermost self, where the grit of your humanness meets the grace of your vastness”

Kim Rosen

How can yoga practice help us to welcome with compassion the grit of our humanness? So many yoga practices seem to point towards calm and perfection as their goal. But our human experience is so much wider and wilder than that.

In this session, Carly will weave an experiential talk on the poetry of yoga as an intimate practice that can guide us into deeper relationship with ourselves. This talk will explore how yoga practice can support us through the variety of our life’s contours, and can provide support for us to step into the unknown landscape of our world. A place where we can welcome all that we are and that which we didn’t even know we could be.

If you have a favourite poem please bring it along.

This sessions is planned and led by Carly Mountain