About SYF

We are a collective of Yoga teachers and like-minded people who believe that we can strengthen our community by bringing people together to celebrate in Yoga and all it can offer. Sheffield Yoga Festival first took place in 2018 – organised in 6 weeks and supported by over 40 volunteer yoga teachers.

After organising our programme the first time, we noticed a natural constellation of teachers and classes that shared yoga as a therapeutic living practice which focussed on how yoga could help people to find greater connection to their true selves. We realised this is why we share yoga ourselves, why we built the Festival, and what we’d like others to have the chance to experience. 

We are a non-profit event. The festival aims to give those who share our interests an opportunity to connect, and to help open the door to others who might benefit. Once we’ve covered our core costs our profits will go to making yoga more accessible to groups in the city who are unable to attend a regular yoga class.