Yoga for Stress Management

This will be a practical session providing tools to manage stress and anxiety. When we are stressed we often feel like we don’t have much time, so the practices we will learn in this session are quick, simple and effective techniques for switching on the ‘Relaxation Response’.

There will be postures which help with our digestive system (one of the first things to suffer when we are stressed) and postures to relieve knots of mental and physical tension. We will look at breathing techniques for calming and balancing. There will be time for Yoga Nidra (Deep relaxation).

Hannah will provide handouts (illustrated with Sloth bears to remind us to sloowww down!) to help you practice at home. This session is open to all, from complete beginners to Yoga teachers and student teachers who want to develop their skills in helping people with their mental health.

This session is planned and led by Hannah Penn. 

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